Warehouse template documentation

Warehouse is awesome and easy to install prestashop template. It's comes with clean design and a lot of new features and improvements.

You don't need any HTML /CSS knowledge to install this theme. Just upload and enable the theme and module, that's all. If you like the theme, don't forget to rate it

Online documentation here: www.warehouse.iqit-commerce.com/documentation/. Check our Youtube channel

Installation guide


Important! Set image sizes as below

In Preferences->Images set sizes and then "Regenerate thumbnails on the same page"

Important! Delete/deactive native modules(non moded/without "mod" on the end of name)

  • homefeatured
  • blocksearch
  • blocklayered
  • blocklink

Important! Change number products per page

In Preferences->Products change value to 12(or any other number that is a multiple of 3)

Important! Switch off defult mobile theme(

In Preferences->themes. It's allows to works coretly responsive warehouse

Important! Switch on CCC

Advanced Parameters > Performance

Recommended settings

  • Enable guest checkout
  • Enable one page checkout
  • Enable SEO links

Modules config

Modules names and position on frontend
Image slideshow
Advanced slideshow
Mega menu
Hompage banners
Slide-in content module
Facebook slide
Last tweets
Hompage products tabs
Default twitter module
Responsive video
Emails configurator
Other modules

Themeeditor(module name: themeeditor)

It must be hooked as last on hookHeader

Allows to change design onf theme

Homepage slideshow(module name: simpleslideshow)

It'x allows to put images on hompage. You can specify link, languages and status(active/deactive) of slide.


Advancedslider(module name: advancedslider)

Allows to create slide with text and images using effects with css3 transition

Megamenu module(module name: iqitmegamenu)

Video tutorial

Homepage banners(module name: homepageadvertise)

It's allows to put banners on homepage. You can specify link, languages and status(active/deactive) of slide.

Slide-in content module(module name: slidetopcontent)

Tmage and text slide content from top

Facebook slide(module name: facebookslide)

Shows sliding facebook screen

Last tweets(module name: lasttweets)

Shows sliding facebook screen

Header links(module name: headerlinks)

Show links on top of page

Hompage products tabs(module name: hompagetabs)

Module which allows to show products as tab on hompage

Default twitter widget(module name: standardtweets)

Shows default twitter widget

Text banners(module name: textbanners)

Shows info about cookies policy on bottom of page.

Responsive video tabs(module name: videostab)

Shows videos on product page in additional tab

E-mails design editor(module name: responsivemails)

E-mail configuration module

Quick view moduke(module name: quickviewiqit)

Quick view of products from product listing with fancybox effect

Block link in footer(module name: blocklink_mod)

Shows custom links in box in footer

Cookiekaw info(module name: cookielaw)

Shows info about cookies policy on bottom of page.

Crosselling(module name: crossselling_mod)

Shows products "customers who bought this products also bought"

Search module(module name: blocksearch_mod)

Advanced search modulel with autocomplete with price and images

Sidebar adverts(module name: columnadverts)

Show image banners on left column

Social block(module name: blocksocial_mod)

Show social links with icons on footer

Free html block on footer(module name: blockfooterhtml)

Allows to put own html in footer

Featured producsts slider slider(module name: homefeatured_mod)

Shows products from selected category on homepage

New products slider(module name: homenewproduct)

Shows new products in slider on hompage

Specials products slider(module name: specialslider)

Shows specials products in slider on hompage

Category products slider(module name: categoryslider)

Shows products from selected category on hompagee

Homepage manufacturers slider(module name: manufactuterslider)

Shows manufactutrers logos on hompage with links to products of manufacturer

Plugin adder(module name: pluginadder)

Adds JS plugins. If you want add your own js plugin paste it in plugis.js in module folder, so that your plugins can be compressed usinc CCC prestashop functionality. It's should be first in hookHeader.

Layered navigation(module name: blocklayered_mod)

Layered navigation for prestashop with multiple images per product on product list

Modules order

Hook displayHeader

General order is not important. Only themeeditor module position is important. It should be on last position

Hook top

Hook footer

Other hooks

There is no guide for that since it is depends on your needs


For FAQ visit this page

Online documentation here: www.warehouse.iqit-commerce.com/documentation/


If you need some support you can contact with us via e-mail.
e-mail: Contact form on bottom